Many theories propose to explain the often uncanny accuracy of tarot readings. Different readers believe different things but personally I see two major principles at work.

First: Contemplating tarot cards in ways resembles viewing abstract ink blots, illustrating the mind’s tendency to project our inner beliefs and priorities onto the world around us, reflecting back ourselves. By indulging the notion a selection of randomly chosen images printed on cardstock can speak authoritatively to our innermost feelings, fears, and desires we move beyond the limits of our habitual ways of thinking about our lives. Examining our thoughts and feelings through the highly subjective lens of tarot imagery offers an opportunity to observe ourselves from a slightly removed point of view and recognize whether our beliefs, desires, and actions really align (or not) and consciously adjust our thinking and priorities to cultivate the outcomes we desire in life.

Second : At a subconscious level our memories and experiences interweave with those of everything which ever lived through all time. We perceive ourselves consciously as separate individuals but subconsciously can access the sense impressions of any part of the timeless universal reality, including knowing the exact position of every card in a randomly shuffled tarot deck. Selecting cards by chance affords our subconscious a degree of agency to guide the selection of cards specifically relevant to our questions, circumventing the mental barriers which ordinarily prevent us from directly accessing the contents of our subconscious reality.

the page of cups beholds a fish emerging from a golden chalice

The style of tarot reading I offer involves a degree of creative collaboration between seeker and reader. Synthesizing the personal associations the imagery inspires with the traditional meanings and symbolism of the cards and following closely where intuition leads makes for compelling readings that illuminate and evolve the way we think about our lives and experiences.


I read primarily with classic Smith-Waite or Marseilles style decks, but also offer an exotic deck menu for anyone curious or who might enjoy a different experience.

Several distinct tarot lineages exist, each presenting a different set of standard images and associations which invite different reading styles.

SMITH – WAITE DECKS present evocative narrative scenes on every card, lending themselves to psychologically focused readings exploring how archetypal images and concepts relate to our emotional, intellectual, spiritual and social experiences

MARSEILLES DECKS resemble regular playing cards without narrative illustrations on the numbered suits. interpretations rely on traditional meanings, intuitive free association, numerology and careful observation of visual patterns.

CARTOMANTIC DECKS often diverge from standard tarot ordering or imagery and lend themselves more to straightforward fortune telling inquiries for which brief, direct answers will suffice.

Other types of tarots also exist including THOTH, ESOTERIC, and THEMED decks. Many of these incorporate various influences and unique systems of symbolism and interpretation. I enjoy collecting many types decks for their interesting history and striking and evocative artwork but have noticed certain decks tend to deliver the best results for serious readings where accuracy relies on a strong intuitive connection with the cards.


I have admired, studied, collected, and read tarot cards for many years and often feel humbled and honored by the substantial concerns seekers bring to readings. Approaching the tarot as a formal discipline with the power to access subconscious aspects of ourselves through interactions with symbolism and stories has proven inexhaustibly fascinating for me. I have traveled and lived around the world marveling human nature and immersing in various undertakings and studies including many of an esoteric or spiritual nature. I recently moved to Missoula after several years living as a relative hermit in the mountainous wilderness of the southern rockies. Besides reading tarot nowadays I also cashier at a local health food store and produce experimental videos, nature photography and textural ambient house music.

If you’re on Instagram and into tarot related content you can find me there @cartomantic_feelings


The number of cards in a reading generally determines how long it lasts. Each additional card contributes further information and opportunity to gain insight, so more cards = more detail = more time exploring the implications. A typical full reading uses 10 to 12 cards and usually lasts about an hour. Comprehensive readings involve larger card spreads and drawing additional cards for follow-up questions and further clarification.

I also sometimes offer complimentary readings at the Break coffeeshop in downtown Missoula. Check missoulaevents.net for listings : )

mini reading = $20

medium reading = $30

full reading = $50

comprehensive reading = $100


I keep a private consultation space in downtown Missoula, or if you prefer a more public setting meeting at various downtown / hip strip locations (coffee or tea shops, quiet hotel lobbies) offers a convenient option. I can also travel to your home or a Missoula location convenient for you (since this requires a commute the minimum rate for such a reading is 50 dollars).

remote readings by video chat or email available on request

voice or text : 971 258 0095

email: nathan@nathanstueve.info
( or use the contact form below : )